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Fed Up with Most Finance Apps? You are Not Alone

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By Ian Bin
Have you ever downloaded a financial app, hoping it would make your life easier, but then found yourself deleting it out of frustration?
If yes, you are certainly not alone. Financial App Frustration Syndrome (FAFS) is a very common occurrence. It is no secret that finance can be very stressful. Many folks have grown tired of financial apps, and here are some common reasons why.

Common Problems with Financial Apps

Too complicated:
Some of these finance apps can be complex! The user interface (UI) is more determined to impress users with flashy functions than making their lives easier.
Aaron Patzer, Mint’s founder once stated, “An app that scolds you to keep your wallet in your pants is never going to be as exciting as trading stocks, buying concert tickets or scrolling social media.”1 Finance apps should keep matters simple. Instead, they should focus on making our financial journey smooth and engaging.
No customization:
A more personal touch is needed. The creators of these apps often need to remember that we are dealing with something as intimate as people’s money. They must deliver an experience that understands the user and their unique financial needs. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t quite cut it. The app was made for your needs, not Joe’s from down the block!
Doubts about access to your personal data:
Data security is a hot topic these days. With data breaches becoming more common, trusting an app with personal finance details can be nerve-wracking. Financial apps possess a treasure trove of information; unfortunately, not all act with due diligence to protect it. Who wants a sleepless night worrying if their bank details are safe?
No way to connect to an actual human:
Lastly, human-to-human connection is absent. If things go awry or you have questions, we often rely on automated responses, which do not quite tackle our concerns. Not having that human element can be baffling and may heighten the frustration.
Until financial apps hit these marks, I predict we’ll only see more and more people getting fed up with their money-managing gadgets and looking for alternatives.

So, What Is the Solution?

Great news: search no further, there’s already an app that addresses all the concerns above!
3Nickels is a pioneering personal finance app that offers a holistic approach to managing your finances. It’s not just about budgeting or investing but a complete suite of easy-to-use tools and calculators to help you meet your financial goals and achieve financial freedom. From saving for your first car to retirement and more, 3Nickels is here for you.
3Nickels will customize a detailed investment and savings plan with personalized investment advice to help you achieve your financial dreams.
Prioritize your financial plan with your goals and reprioritize them whenever they change.
Understand the trade-offs of your decisions to keep you on track and confident you’ve made the right choices.
Receive step-by-step advice custom-fit to your goals and budget on all household accounts to keep you on track.
We don’t sell your data. Transparency, objectivity, and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Always remember that we’re here to assist you personally throughout this process. Feel free to contact a 3Nickels representative who would be delighted to guide you on your journey. Just call 800-774-7459.
Download the app today!


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