Plans & Pricing Options

Free Plan

Take advantage of our free, easy-to-use, DIY tools and calculators by simply downloading the app. Get answers to your basic financial questions at no cost to you. Save your data while you work through your options. Just note: the answers are for one question at a time, not the whole picture, which would be the most accurate.



Advice Plan

It’s like having a financial advisor in your pocket! The Advice version offers objective, world-class financial advice based on your whole financial picture. You have the freedom to choose your own providers, but we do the complex math for you and provide personalized recommendations on how to adjust your saving, spending, and giving to achieve your financial goals.



You can select your plan within the app.

What Sets Us Apart

3Nickels is an app that anyone can use, that can answer any financial question.

Choice is embedded in every aspect of our platform. With three tiers of affordable plan options to select from and a wide range of robust, customizable tools at your disposal, anyone can reach financial freedom on their own terms.

There is no one size fits all. Our platform makes it simple to receive personalized advice and a holistic view of your finances. The results you get are tailored to you and your goals. And we offer all of this for a fee far lower than the industry average.

The best financial app ever!!!

This is the easiest way to make sure you can take care of your future, your current life, your 401k and give back if you’d like to do that. It really is a financial advisor in your pocket. Don’t miss out!

Easy to use

Great info! Thank you for making financial decisions easy. I’m selling a home and the app gave me the same answers as my CPA, but the app was free!