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Most financial advisors charge you separately for a financial plan versus just investment advice. With 3Nickels, you can have it all!

3Nickels Advice offers personalized investment and savings advice designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Wonder how you are going to pay off your college debt, save to buy a house, save for retirement and keep up with all your current expenses? It’s overwhelming. But that’s where we come in. You tell us about your accounts and financial goals, including what goals are most important to you, and 3Nickels will run your information through our personalized intelligence advice engine to create a detailed plan, complete with investment advice, to help you achieve your financial dreams.


The Financial Advisor In Your Pocket

Get expert advice on your whole financial picture

  • Custom-fit to your goals and budget
  • Your financial goals in one place
  • We advise you on the trade-offs of your decisions
  • Step-by-step, we keep you on track

Add all of your accounts in one place

  • Link your accounts for a complete picture… or do it manually
  • Investment advice for your investment accounts without paying extra

Keep track of your expenses

  • Keep track of your saving, spending, and giving
  • Get financial advice that fits your budget

Prioritize your financial goals

  • Tackle your financial goals, according to your priorities
  • Include any type of goal – saving for vacation, paying off student loans, saving for a car, or even retirement

Learn more with our financial tools!

  • Learn about your financial options without having to study
  • We make financial decisions easy for you. Learn as much as you want, when you want!