About 3Nickles

Providing Digital Financial Solutions for Over Two Decades

Over 20 years ago, GuidedChoice pioneered the use of digital technology to bring more accessible, personalized retirement advice and planning to everyone.

Today, 3Nickels is providing this personalized advice and planning solution for the needs of our clients, wherever they are on their financial journey.

Our History

Sherrie’s vision for 3Nickels began long before the rise of the internet. After building some of the nation’s earliest 401(k) systems in the 1980s, she was the first to automate a 401(k) plan on a computer desktop. This led to her role at Apple as Manager of HR Systems and Financial Programs, where she spearheaded the automation of their 401(k) plan, followed by executive positions at T. Rowe Price and Trust Company of the West.

In 1995, Sherrie Grabot began working on her vision of an online retirement solution capable of bringing financial freedom to more people. In 1999, with the Department of Labor’s stamp of approval, Sherrie co-founded GuidedChoice, the world’s first digital retirement advisor, along with Nobel Laureate and the father of modern portfolio theory, Dr. Harry Markowitz. Working hand in hand with some of the world’s leading financial experts, Sherrie and Dr. Markowitz pioneered the use of digital technology to bring more accessible, personalized retirement advice and planning to everyone, creating a $500 billion industry in the process.

Sherrie’s focus on elevating consumer choice and control led to her working at the highest levels of industry and government, including her chairmanship of the ERISA Advisory Council, frequent Congressional testimony on fiduciary rules and lobbying for improved practices in the financial, technology and healthcare fields.

In 2020, Sherrie expanded the retirement-focused GuidedChoice brand and created the much broader 3Nickels brand, furthering her lifelong goal of bringing financial freedom to everyone. In 2021, the 3Nickels app launched, providing free financial tools and calculators and low-cost, personalized financial advice and planning designed to meet anyone, wherever they are along their financial journey. Today, as our highly-active CEO and steward of company values, Sherrie continues to drive us forward in our mission to help every individual achieve their personal financial goals, armed with a firm belief that independence is the only way to maintain the trust of those GuidedChoice and 3Nickels assist.

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About 3Nickels The Financial Advisor In Your Pocket Core Values

Core Values

Be the best we can.

We embrace excellence in all that we do. We pay attention to the big picture as well as the details. We are thought-leaders, some of the smartest minds in our industry. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of people we touch.

Be transparent and trustworthy.

We all have our weaknesses and make mistakes. We believe freedom comes when we accept them and communicate proactively. We work together to solve challenges rather than avoid them. We really believe honesty is the best policy.

Be the embodiment of good.

We desire goodness to permeate all that we are and all that we do. We do the right thing even when it’s not easy. We place others’ needs before our own. We are on our journey, while helping others to fulfill theirs.

Be growing.

We are individuals who love to learn and grow whether in our career or our other pursuits. We understand growth cycles between work and rest. We believe both are equally important. We have fun to birth creativity and grow together.

Be giving, honoring and thankful.

We are thankful for the gifts and opportunities that we’ve enjoyed. We want to give back so others can manifest the gifts they carry. We want to honor all people we come in contact with, recognizing and focusing on the gold within them. We are individuals that make up a team, that are part of a family, and believe that we are better together.

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