Gift A Grad
Offers Gift Of Advice
Gift Of Advice
Gift A Grad. One Whole Year Of Ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the redemption link transferable?
Yes, anyone with access to the link in step 2 above is able to redeem it.
How long is the redemption link valid?
The redemption link is valid for 90 days after your purchase of 3Nickels Advice.
When does the one-year subscription begin?
The one year of free access to the Advice plan begins as soon as the recipient taps the link in step 2 above and then creates a 3Nickels account.
What happens after the one-year subscription ends?
When it’s almost been a year, we’ll send the recipient an email to let them know that their subscription is about to end. They’ll have the option to either begin paying for their subscription after the current one ends, or, if they don’t do anything, they can continue from there in the Free version.
What if the recipient already has a 3Nickels Advice subscription?
If the recipient already has an Advice subscription, no worries! To redeem their gift, they will first need to go to their App Store or Google Play Store settings and unsubscribe. As soon as their current subscription ends, their one year of free access to Advice will begin.