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GuidedChoice Collaborates with Norton and LifeLock

to Elevate Cyber Safety in Its 3NickelsSM Financial Wellness App

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RENO, NV, January 23, 2024 – GuidedChoice is proud to announce it has collaborated with Norton and LifeLock, two premium consumer brands in cyber safety recognized for providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for cybersecurity and identity protection, to further enhance the security and privacy of our valued users’ digital lives through our 3Nickels financial wellness app.

Founded over 20 years ago, Nobel laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz and GuidedChoice CEO Sherrie Grabot teamed up to pioneer the use of digital technology to provide a more personalized and transparent approach to retirement wellness, advice, and managed account solutions. In early 2020, GuidedChoice created a new service, 3Nickels℠, utilizing the personalized intelligence of our advice engine to help individuals and families work toward financial independence across different cornerstones of personal finance.

“Together, we will begin to meet a huge need in the marketplace for a comprehensive financial solution that encompasses digital security.”
– Sherrie Grabot, GuidedChoice CEO
3Nickels, The Financial Advisor In Your Pocket®, is a pioneering personal finance app that offers a holistic approach to managing people’s finances. It’s not just about budgeting or investing but a complete suite of tools designed to help users achieve financial freedom. For whatever goals they may have, from saving for their first car to retirement, 3Nickels is here to help. Users can plug in information about their accounts and goals, and 3Nickels will customize a detailed plan with personalized investment advice to help achieve their financial dreams.

There is a natural affinity between Norton, LifeLock and 3Nickels powered by GuidedChoice. Norton and LifeLock specialize in cybersecurity and identity theft protection, helping users secure their personal information and giving them peace of mind that their financial accounts are protected. GuidedChoice, through our 3Nickels app, helps users grow their accounts, from budgeting and investing to retirement planning. Through this partnership, we can provide an extra layer of cyber safety to all users along their financial journey.

“Offering Norton and LifeLock, the most recognized names in cybersecurity and identity theft protection, to our 3Nickels customers is enabling our strategy to offer objective financial advice alongside the best-in-class products to fill our customers’ needs,” said Sherrie Grabot, GuidedChoice CEO. “Together, we will begin to meet a huge need in the marketplace for a comprehensive financial solution that encompasses digital security.”

About GuidedChoice

GuidedChoice is a digital financial advisory firm and independent fiduciary that has served more than three million people for over 20 years. Utilizing rigorous methodology and advanced scenario planning tools, we provide personalized, prudent, and actionable financial advice to and through retirement.

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